Web Resources

Here’s a list of some of resources in which I commonly use on the web to find out info and to keep up to date in the world of Tech.

Lets not be silly everybody’s 1st port of call 🙂

Microsoft – Technet
Active Directory Blog
Ask Premier Field Engineering
The Exchange Team Blog
Hey Scripting Guy
Virtual PC Guy, Ben Armstrong

Veeam Blog

VMware vSphere Blog

Useful Free Tools

Advanced IP Scanner – Cant find a free IP address on the network or unable to find the iLO or iDRAC address.  Good tool that scans a network range and exportable to csv.

Gparted Live – Easily resize volumes. I’ve used this tool several times to increase the size of Windows Server 2003 System partitions.

Microsoft Active Directory Topology Diagrammer – Used to Map Out AD, DNS, DFS and Group Policy Structure for a Domain and Forest

MxToolBox – Good reference tool to check your external DNS is resolving correctly. Good 1st troubleshooting tool to check mail flow.

RAID Calculator – Easily calculate how many RAID  storage requirements.

Subnet Calculator – Quick way to check your sub-netting your network correctly and not wasting IP allocation.

Veeam Stencils for VMware and Hyper-V – Free Microsoft Visio Stencils, great for documenting Server and Network configurations.

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